Five Worthy Muni Moments This Week

muni smiley balloon
Photo by tnywn

What if we all carried emoticon balloons that reflected our mood? Kind of like mood rings, but balloons. On that note, there were some positively grin-worthy moments on Muni this week, involving good etiquette and strategically worn pants.

1. Today’s hero: the lady who asked a woman to stop clipping her nails on the N. Even though it didn’t work, We salute you.
2. Guy on Muni sneezed. Three people said “bless you.” He looked overwhelmed and said “thank you” three times.
3. Hello baseball! Love it when a kind Muni driver announces the Giants score.
4. Fashion on Muni: Guy aware of his own backwards pants; has hands in pockets. We wanna know: kriss or kross?
5. A 12-year-old boy on the bus just said, “Giggity, giggity!” to two other 12-year-old girls across from him. Is that…flirting?

This week’s top Muni moments were brought to you by @dinaenlacocina, @_tc_, @p2173, @coolovsky, and @dancesonendor. We welcome all Muni moments, whether they make you smile, frown, or cover your nose.

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