22-Fillmore en español

Photo by torbakhopper

Muni rider Erin overheard a charming exchange of cultures and languages on the 22-Fillmore the other night.

On the 22 to the Richmond late Saturday night, sitting next to thirty-something Hispanic woman. Twenty-something Chinese couple and white male friend get on the bus.

Chinese couple sits in front of us: “How’s your night going?”
Woman next to me: “Perdona, no entiendo.”
Chinese guy: “Hablas español? De donde es usted?”

Cue conversation in Spanish in which I learn (eavesdropping) that the Chinese couple is out with their Spanish tutor, the white gentleman, and love the Spanish language.

Don’t know if they realized I understood anything, but I nearly laughed when Chinese guy told the Hispanic woman that Chinese people and people from Central America have a lot in common because they love spicy food, but white people don’t.

Such a random late night convo.

And such a reason to love San Francisco.

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  • Dexter Wong

    Really? I’m Chinese but I don’t like spicy food and I know a number of white people who do like spicy food.

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