Five Muni Moments You Missed This Week

boston terrier on muni
Photo by sputniktraveler

This week’s top five Muni moments contain a Princess Bride reference, tiny dogs, and observations of interesting wardrobe choices on the bus. Get ready:

1. Twins in Giants apparel making animal balloons on the 38L. Amazing Muni moment.

2. Entertainment on Muni: older business guy reading WSJ accidentally pulls pantyhose out of briefcase and then quickly shoves them to bottom of his bag.

3. A man just got on the bus wearing a bedazzled Santa hat with a big, unkempt beard and red sweater…

4. Today on the 14 mission…2 small dogs, no collar. 1 human wearing a dog collar and it smells like old beer. Good times.

5. “Have fun storming the castle!” – Homeless guy leaving the L train. #princessbride

This week’s five Muni moments are brought to you by @dancesonendor, @meatmaven, @dewright07, @jorgemx12, and @coolovsky. Got your own Muni moment? Tweet it to us at @munidiaries!

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