What I Did When Muni Ran Over Me


We’ve received a lot of Muni-related art, but none that was produced under such circumstances. From Muni rider Roy:

I was run over by Muni about a year ago. When I was lying in the hospital bed with a broken femur, I made this sticker using the Adobe Ideas iPad drawing app.

Pretty sure I would have been throwing hospital food trays at the wall and being a general pain in the ass instead of producing art on iPad. Impressive, Roy. Hope you had a speedy recovery!


  • Laura

    Cool–I saw this sticker on the inside of a mailbox at 8th and fulton, and snapped a picture of it because I really liked it! I wondered what the story behind it was, should have guessed it would show up here. Ouch!

  • Roy

    Sadly, I just finished my court battle 2+ years after this incident. Despite the driver admitting he never even knew he ran me over, the City Counsel was able to convince the jury that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that the driver was at fault. I received nothing and am left with the hospital bills I haven’t yet been able to pay, to the tune of $80,000.00. The lesson? If you’re run over by a bus, do your best to ignore the pain, grab your cell phone, and diligently record the names of bystanders who were witness, because the police certainly will not do that for you. Be safe out there everyone! 20 seconds of bus driver negligence can ruin years of your life.

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