Five Best Overheard Muni Moments This Week

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Photo by Justin Beck

Eavesdropping is everyone’s favorite sport on Muni. Second only to avoiding unnecessary conversation, that is. This week’s top five overheard Muni moments:

1. Overheard at 9:30 a.m. on the 22-Fillmore: Man blasting disco tunes on the bus while drinking from paper bag.

2. At a 22-Fillmore stop. A 24-Divis rolls up, door opens, driver asks “Where you wanna go?”

3. Overheard on #Muni: “Anybody got crank?”

4. Old Chinese lady started singing, got all the other Chinese passengers to join in.

5. Muni PSA on the N-Judah this AM: “Today’s Friday and that means happy hour. Stay safe and ride Muni.”

Yes, it’s Friday, does anybody got crank, or drank? This week’s five Muni moments were brought to you by @katie_mack, @batfishld, @laurahelenwinn, @gabetron3030, and @sejaldhruva. Got your own Muni moment to share? Tweet it to us @munidiaries!

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