Solution to Muni’s back door (BACK DOOR!) problem

Photo: SlinkyDragon

Sharon and Ariel made up a new verse to “Wheels on the Bus” for their SF-native daughter, so listen up and sing it loudly next time you’re on Muni.

The rider on the bus goes
Hey, back door!
Hey, back door!
Hey, back door!
The driver on the bus goes
Hey, step down!
All through the town

I think their daughter should give lessons on this very topic, using this very verse, because 20 adults screaming “BACK DOOR” doesn’t seem to work.

Sharon, awesomely, posted this on the Muni Diaries Facebook page. Follow us there today and tell us what’s happening on your bus.


  • <3 that. an F market took off with my toddler stuck in it's closing back door once, a few years ago. The driver on the bus goes "Hey step on it!"

  • Dexter Wong

    Reminds me of the old signs Muni once had, like “Step Down to Open Door” and “At Passenger Stops, your weight on the rear step opens the door, etc.”

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