Ferret-legging, San Francisco edition


A ferret, right?

Says jyhuang via skarecreau on Tumblr:

Someone carried this #creature on the bus, it looked like a guinea pig or hamster but the body length was quite long. #Creepin #pet #rat #weirdthingsyouseeonthebus

In any case, this probable ferret is more gangsta than all y’alls for riding Muni out in the open like this. Aren’t they still illegal in California? They are definitely still adorable in California and on this transit vehicle.

A ferret is new for us, but we’ve had our share of aww-inducing animal moments on Muni. See also: Cat in a bag. Indignant pug. Skippy the service iguana.

Ferret-legging is a thing, BTW, but this isn’t it.

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