Cat Wants To Get From Point A to B

When you are a woman who owns a cat or two, you don’t want to go too crazy with cat stuff because people will assume you have zero social/sex life (is there a difference?). You want to keep it low-key, like, “Oh are those all photos of my cat on my Facebook page? Oh yeah I own a cat, no biggie.”

Except…unless…you are this awesome lady who has an awesome bag with an awesome cat in it on Muni, then you should rock out like it’s nobody’s business!

Our @caltraindiaries handler Laura snapped this photo on the 22-Fillmore yesterday afternoon.

More cats on Muni, not that we’re crazy cat ladies at all or anything:
Drop everything, cat on Muni
Cat balancing on granny cart on Muni
Cat fits in all leather handbags, especially on Muni

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