Five Faith-Restoring Muni Moments This Week

f market by jeremy brooks
Photo by Jeremy Brooks

This week’s top Muni moments gave me hope for humanity again. As told to Muni Diaries, here’s what happened on the bus this week:

1. “A fellow rider and I paid another dude’s fare and we each got sweet gel pens in return!”

2. “The Muni driver I had this morning is the same one I have taking me home and she asked how my day was. I love her.”

3. “Somebody on this bus smells like those tiny lychee jelly cups from the Chinese supermarket. Takes me back to 1990.”

4. “This Muni bus has a new bus smell! And look how squeaky clean it is!?! Am I dreaming?”

5. “Here’s an idea: ride the F Line & pretend it’s a roller coaster- hands in the air, screaming, vomiting in fear, etc.” (Can you please make a Vine about it?)

This week’s Muni moments were brought to you by @seanfeezy, @laurencelicia, @ethansan, @cleenr, and @keralajane. The photo in this week’s post (the pretty F-Market swooshing by) is by Jeremy Brooks (check out his Transamerica Photo Project).

What’s your top Muni moment of the week? Tweet us at @munidiaries and let the world know!

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