Pop-Up Barber Shop at the Muni Stop

outdoor haircut
Photo by Russell Kwok

Muni rider redseca2 learned that there is a convenient electrical outlet on Muni shelters that can be put to very interesting use.

The Route: 6-Parnassus, inbound morning commute, a little after 8 a.m.

As the bus pulled into the Haight Street/Buena Vista West stop, some of the regular overnight campers from the park were gathered at the bus stop, but not waiting for the bus. I guess they must of had the day off. Anyway, some of these folk must have long term leases in the park because you come to recognize them, and they are certainly well-versed in the available amenities.

But I was surprised to see a guy with an electric hair trimmer giving another fellow a professional hair cut as he sat in the bus shelter. The trimmer cord disappeared overhead into the framing, where this enterprising barber/electrician had found a way to plug his hair trimmer into the grid.

Although I intend to stick with Nice Cuts, a hair salon a few blocks west on Haight, it is nice to know that there are other options in the neighborhood.

In addition to the hair trimmer, several phones and laptops were also plugged in and being charged, creating a bit of a cable management issue. If but for the expensive ticket for parking in a bus zone, this might make a viable charging station for Tesla cars.

Oh, and the writer had an idea for SFMTA: Install a Clipper Card reader to activate the electrical circuit.

Related (amazingly), our correspondent Amy alerted us to a similar situation her friend Jillian encountered:

Busy morning at the bus stop. A drunk pantless [sic] man with a head injury being treated by EMTs. And a street kid shaving his back with an electric razor plugged into the bus stop’s outlet.

Bus stop haircut. Is this a thing now?

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