Attack at Grove/Van Ness Muni Stop

muni city hall cara in sf
Photo by Carainsf

Muni rider Erin and her friend told us that they were attacked last Friday at the Grove and Van Ness Muni stop. She sent us her account of the harrowing experience.

Last Friday at 12:30 a.m., my friend and I were walking back from a concert on Fell street up Van Ness. When we crossed to walk in front of City Hall, a group of guys attacked us at the Muni stop on Grove and Van Ness. I think it’s the 47/49 stop right behind City Hall. It was about five or six boys, all looked like teenagers or young adults. It seemed like they had it planned, and they just started beating the crap out of my friend as I tried to call for help.

We think since the attack seemed so choreographed that this may be one of their ‘hang outs.’ They were drinking and threw 40s at us as well. We were able to run away and called the police. But I wanted to share our story so people know that could be a dangerous stop to wait at during night time. Please be careful there. All of them looked black or Latino. The boy who was their ‘distraction’ looked to be about age 12 or 13 and was white with dark curly hair. They didn’t steal our phones or wallets, they just attacked us.

My friend has a black eye forming, and a cut on his face. He also dislocated his thumb from punching one of them back who was coming after me. We ran away north on Van Ness and I saw that they had not left the stop even after we were three blocks away.

I hope they don’t hurt anyone else! Please spread the word.

Be careful out there, folks.


  • Sad but not shocked. 200 Van Ness (on that corner) has long been a problem apartment.

  • lucillethereal

    Sorry to hear about that. Can’t say that I’m surprised, because as a 5 year resident of the ‘lower- lower nobhill’ (snicker), I see that the police are far too busy solving more serious crimes, like shaking down geriatric winos and busting crackheads for pushing their worldly goods around in stolen shopping carts.

  • lllllllll

    Sounds like a terrible experience….but anywhere near City Hall at 2AM is not a good place to be EVER.

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