Major BART Delays After Collision in Tube

UPDATE 9:45 a.m. Reports from Twittersphere, from irate commuters like you:

@MrBShah worst case scenario. Nighmareish BART delays and my battery is about to die. Happy Friday! #shouldhavetakencaltrain

@keralajane Our @rideact driver said AC transit is trying to get more transbay buses out to accommodate commuters stranded by #BART FYI

@SJLandes I went home and drove down the peninsula to work… so much for saving the environment with public transportation today. :o/ (Ed note: one of us drove, too, DON’T TELL ANYONE.)

ABC7’s @amyhollyfield via @superxolo MacArthur Bart platform is PACKED:


Are you commuting via BART from the East Bay to San Francisco today? Then you must have seen the delays after the tube wreck early this morning. According to SFGate, “a maintenance truck collided with a rail-grinder working in the tube around 2 a.m. and damaged 380 feet of the electric line that powers BART trains.” No one was hurt.

BART had to run all trains on a single track while crews replaced the damaged sections of the third rail, causing major delays on all four transbay lines.

(Rest of the story on SFGate.)

How was your commute on BART this morning? Let us know via @bartdiaries!

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