Five People You Hate on Muni

Photo by Premshree Pillai

Thought Catalog organized the types of people you hate on Muni into five neat categories. Agree or disagree?

1. Screaming Child
2. Person Who Won’t Let You Exit
3. The Person Who Takes Up More Than One Seat With All Of Their Belongings. (Especially not on the handicap seat, like this violator, right?)
4. The Person Who Is Obnoxiously Sleeping. (Like this sleeping BART guy who is also violating #3?)
5. The Person Listening to Music.

Wait a minute, there’s nothing about terrible B.O. on transit?

See all the reasons why these five types made it on the list over at Thought Catalog. If you’re really into lists, check out 16 more types of annoying commuters.

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  • The people who don’t move in to the center of the car/bus as others cram into the doorway area.

  • Darlene Bouchard via Facebook

    “The person that listens to music.” I’m sorry but how else are we supposed to deal with the screaming children?

  • Good list, except I don’t think that #1 is really that big of a problem. People who don’t move to the back of the bus and people wearing huge backpacks should be added! And a bigger problem than the person sleeping is that they have their foot up on the seat… gross. Don’t they know that they step in nasty stuff walking around in SF? Who wants to sit there after their feet have been on the seat (although there are probably many other reasons why there is nasty stuff on the seats)! Can you tell I have issues with a lot of people on Muni?!

  • NAIL CLIPPING!!! And guys who spread their legs real wide.

  • Danniela Gilliom via Facebook

    #1 is not the fault of the parents, in many cases. Children cry. It’s their only form of communication. If they could say, “Mom, this jerk next to me who is trying to read their book but their headphones music that is blasting in my ears is bothering me…” I bet they would.

  • bwsf

    I don’t care about the kids. Other, grown, people are usually being louder. And I know they’re not riding MUNI by choice. So, *shrug*. But what about the person that sits right behind you, and has a really nasty sounding cough, and keeps coughing all over the back of your neck for the whole ride.

  • Kimberly Atkinson via Facebook

    The one person on the bus having a loud phone conversation and not realizing they are the ONLY person on the bus having a loud phone conversation.

    • SFGuy79

      I had that happen to me once. The lady was complaining to her friend on the phone about all the “fucking white people crowding her.” I finally said, “You know we can hear you.” She told me to mind my own business.

  • Oh god right nail clippers! Also ninja turtle back pack people, drunk 3am guy who spills booze on multiple seats, smokers, guy offering meth..

  • Wow Tonto, which bus has the meth offering guys?!

  • fermata

    I fully admit to being an easily irritated person, yet the only one on your list that really gets on my nerves is the person whose music is audible thru earphones. I would add people who have conversations ACROSS other passengers, rather than moving next to each other. And screaming children don’t bug me (they’re kids!), but loud obnoxious teens/young adults are hell.

  • SFGuy79

    If me listening to music bothers you, then you need to learn to mediate or mind your own business.

    • Heather

      See, guys like that don’t bother me. I’m old enough and annoyed enough to loudly say “HEY BUDDY!” push on his legs and wake him up. Bag on the seat? I just say “Is that your bag? Can you move it so I can sit down?” No one has ever refused. 🙂

  • Anyone who thinks nail clipping is a big deal hasn’t been riding Muni long enough. Every time, I’ll take a seat on the back of a deisel bus on a rainy day where the windows don’t open and the driver won’t turn off the fucking heater, between a nail clipper and a dumbshit playing atonal “rap” or whatever over their cell phone speaker, rather than the bum who shits his pants in his sleep, the “secret” masturbator or the worst of all, the person who pukes on the last L of the night while we’re still in the tunnel, causing Muni pull the train when I still have to get all the way to the zoo (and no replacement train, of course). In fact, I’ll let the nail clippers sit on my fucking lap if it’ll keep the pukers and the self-shitters away.

  • Ric

    The jackass or jackassette who stands in front of the exit doors stop after stop after stop after stop after stop…

    Each stop, they move a few inches left, right, back, and so on as passengers struggle past them to exit the bus. They then go right back in front of the exit door to repeat the process at the next stop; and the next; and the next…

    More than once I’ve wished I could zap these buttheads with a cattle prod…

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