Five Muni Moments to make you smile

Photo by Lynn Friedman

This week’s Top 5 Muni moments, brought to you by the letter A and the word “adorable.” Because that’s what you think when you think of Muni, amirite?

  1. A young Muslim woman on #sfmuni was wearing a hijab covered with whimsical hipster mustaches. Thanks, SF
  2. A grandmother is reading an illustrated children’s book to her grandchildren next to me, ADORE!
  3. Adorable old woman w new #iPhone on 38 today, “What’s the difference between an iPhone and a smartphone?”
  4. riding the 38 lets me forget abt all the douchiness of current SF life and gives me that much needed dose of the very strange
  5. Woman next to me on #njudah reading out of a binder labeled “Flower Shop of Whore-ers”. WHAT. #munidiaries

These Muni moments were graciously shared with the world by @Edlweiss1, @Joseph_C_Rocha, @lundec, @NicMcC83, and @edlweiss1. Got something to share from your Muni ride? @munidiaries is the place.

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