Mob of 17 Guys Rob Two Teens Waiting for Muni

As if this morning’s video of a mugging wasn’t enough, we now have reports about 17 guys who allegedly robbed two teenagers waiting for the bus in Dogpatch this morning. Police spokesperson Gordon Shy told SFWeekly that 17 16-year-old boys approached two 14-year-old victims at the Muni stop at 20th and Third streets this morning at about 12:40 a.m.

According to SF Weekly, “the abusive mob threw the kids off the platform, punched one of them in the face and then robbed them of a hat and gold chain.”

Be safe out there. We’ll update you as we find out more information.

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  • ALI

    Hmmm…not to point out the unfortunate fact…but just wondering.
    What is anyone under the age of 20 doing in that area after midnight?
    Summet fun? It’s okay during the day now but it used to be an iffy area.

    Maybe I just don’t where the funs at,I thought maybe it was at least downtown…

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