Muni bus on car crash near, in Panhandle (update)

Photo by @LeezyBreeze

Update (Friday, 8:43 a.m.): KTVU and SF Weekly reports that a passenger on the bus helped stop it after it had dragged the car for some time.

KTVU tracked down the “cool-headed” passenger, Frank Primus, who was sitting in the rear of the runaway bus. Primus says when he realized the bus wasn’t actually stopping after hitting the Jetta, he dashed up to the driver seat, and put his foot on the brake.

“I realized we were headed toward Fell and the bus wasn’t stopping, the guy wasn’t stopping the bus,” Primus told KTVU.

Cyclists were jumping out of the path of the moving bus, which barely dodged oncoming traffic.

The driver of the Jetta and all 12 passengers on the bus walked away unharmed.

Original post: KTVU reports that a Muni bus hit and dragged a car into the Panhandle earlier this evening. The incident sent the Muni driver to the hospital, KTVU reports.

On Twitter, Lilia says that the driver allegedly “passed out” at the wheel: “Muni crash on Masonic and Fell. Driver passed out dragged car all the way through the park”

We’ll update here when/if we learn more about this story.

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