Missed Connection with Accordion Guy on Muni

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This accordion player’s furrowed brows and thoughtful face really intrigued us when @mike3k snapped his photo on Instagram. Then, proving that the Internet is not all bad and that people are still all right, our Instagram commenters soon revealed that this man is “accordion extraordinaire” ILhan Sadri.

We found ILhan and asked him about his Muni ride (and why the furrowed brows). He said:

That picture was taken on the 43 while on my way to UCSF hospital to visit a dear friend. He had just had major heart surgery and what looks like an unpleasant grimace on my face is actually the face of an intensely worried person! I thought marching into a hospital room wearing accordion would cheer him up. It worked.

Here’s ILhan playing “I Love the Nightlife.”

Photo by @mike3k

Who needs 311 when you can gripe about Muni old-school-style?

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When you have a major Muni complaint and you have your Sharpie with you, this is the next natural thing to do. @axelfeldheim on Instagram found this at the 43-Masonic stop one day:

“12:31 a.m. (late Tuesday night 12-22). #43 driver refused to pick up disabled old woman who waited over 30 minutes for the bus. It is VERY cold out and is life threatening to do that to her. He should be fired and jailed.”

I too would be livid to see this happen to a disabled old woman. Hope she got home OK.



“Muni rider Rebekka was minding her own on the 43 heading toward the Marina, lost in her book, when …

The weirdest noise interrupted my immersed state. I turned around and saw a man and two women running downright towards the front part of the bus. And what I saw then was embarrassing for basically every commuter in this bus: In the last row a guy just emptied his entire stomach. And obviously he hit a huge area of the windows, the seats and the floor. But worst of all, he hit those three people who just escaped.

“In that moment I was trying to figure out whom I should feel more sorry for: The girl who looked like as if she just freshly showered under partly digested food and drinks or the poor man who obviously must have felt incredibly sick. We all stared shocked at each other and nobody was able to talk for the rest of the ride, hoping for the next bus stop. After the first stop, the poor man was gone and stop by stop the bus got emptier. I was the last guest at the last stop and told the bus driver the whole story. She had to stop her bus ride.”

Time of day matters, here, but. Too many appletinis?

Trendspotting on Muni: Botanical Boots

plant shoes

Basically, DIY terrariums are so last week.

“Botanical boots…upcoming trend?” asks submitter @boZannical—interestingly, a self-described gardener and urban ecologist.

You heard it here first, via this photo from the 43-Masonic.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss trends on city transit. Thanks to you guys, we discovered the bold new way to handle male-pattern baldness, and cat on a backpack, which never goes out of style.

Muni bus on car crash near, in Panhandle (update)

Photo by @LeezyBreeze

Update (Friday, 8:43 a.m.): KTVU and SF Weekly reports that a passenger on the bus helped stop it after it had dragged the car for some time.

KTVU tracked down the “cool-headed” passenger, Frank Primus, who was sitting in the rear of the runaway bus. Primus says when he realized the bus wasn’t actually stopping after hitting the Jetta, he dashed up to the driver seat, and put his foot on the brake.

“I realized we were headed toward Fell and the bus wasn’t stopping, the guy wasn’t stopping the bus,” Primus told KTVU.

Cyclists were jumping out of the path of the moving bus, which barely dodged oncoming traffic.

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