It’s Musical Revenge! Top Five Muni Moments This Week

stand behind muni yellow line
Photo by davidquiros_

This week’s top moments on Muni feature a few well-dressed riders and a not-so-subtle battle of musical taste. I’m a hip-hop fan myself, but I’m not afraid of Achy Breaky Heart.

Top Muni moments this week:

  1. Putting Celine Dion on my phone to blast back at obnoxious boys who blast derogatory rap on the bus.
  2. Every time I’m treated to rap music on the 9, I unplug my headphones and treat everyone to “Achy breaky heart.”
  3. Jealous of the faded pink track suit this old man is wearing right now. Like how he’s pairing it with Birkenstocks.
  4. Guy next to me smells strongly of Vaporub and is practicing his karate moves. Somehow, he’s still cooler than me.
  5. Man dressed in red suit on 24 called me a ‘Class Act’ he knows man. He knows.

This week’s Muni moments were brought to you by @amybacharach, @dfens79, @winejerk, @startrekka, and @supasofa.

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