BART’s Rush Hour Bike Ban Ends Monday

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Starting Monday, BART is lifting its rush hour ban on bikes for a trial period of five months before deciding whether the change will be permanent. You might remember that BART’s board of directors voted in May to lift the rush hour bike ban.

Allowing bikes on trains during rush hour will apply to all stations at all hours. According to current BART rules for morning commutes, bikes are allowed in the Embarcadero Station only for trips to the East Bay. Currently, during evening commute hours, bicyclists traveling from the East Bay must exit at the Embarcadero Station. Bikes also cannot enter or exit 12th Street and 19th Street Oakland stations during rush hour according to the current rules.

While the rush hour ban is lifted for five months between Monday July 1 and Dec 1, bikes will still not be allowed on the first three cars of the train during rush-hour (7 – 9 a.m. and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.). No bikes are allowed on the first train car at any time, and bikes are still not allowed on crowded trains.

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Other safety rules relating to bikes will still apply such as: no bikes are ever allowed in the first train car at any time, bikes are never allowed on crowded trains, bicyclists must yield priority seating to seniors and those with disabilities, bikes are not to block doorways or aisles and are not allowed on escalators. Folding bikes are allowed on all trains.


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