Top Five Pride-Worthy Muni Moments

Photo by dannyman

This week’s Muni moments are as jubilant as they come! On the heels of Prop 8 and DOMA decisions and Sunday’s  Pride Parade, here are this week’s best moments on Muni:

1. Waiting for Muni is like a filibuster. Eventually you’ll succeed, but you just have to go thru it all again tomorrow.
2. Bus driver singing, telling passengers to get married on the bus, telling jokes #loveislove #pride #doma.
3. How can the N-Judah be late on a #history making day? Maybe the driver is reading @SCOTUSblog?
4. Equality for all sign on Muni means that much more now, said one rider.
5. Guy in front of me literally covered in head to toe with shiny beads and mini disco balls.

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