• Martin Barnbrook via Facebook

    now that’s something you’ll never seen in London when our tube drivers go on strike (again)

  • French Twist via Facebook

    I don’t agree but I think that’s real sweet and even though public transportation agencies are easy to hate (!) sometimes people go a little too far. I don’t think BART agents have it all that bad, but I do feel sorry for the MUNI drivers sometimes. People are just downright MEAN to them. As if driving a vehicle in San Francisco wasn’t stressful enough already. 2c.

  • Screw Bart employees

    Lame. But I guess someone has to show them love. I doubt many people give a rats ass about greedy Bart workers right now.

  • Lynn

    Why believe BART management , they are putting all these lies out about how they are trying to work this all out and how much the workers make. The truth is they all want the strike they want to force everyone out they do not care about the public they just want you to think they are the good guys and the workers are the bad guys. In truth the workers are just like 90% of you, they work hard and try to take care of their families and keep a roof over their head and pay their bills. These big paychecks BART say they get are not their true income, this is from overtime and working long hours to get it. It is just like with most large companies and other city workers, if there are not enough workers, then they have to work the ones they have overtime you see this all the time. More and more places are trying to do away with giving their workers anything, so this 90% can make $11 or $12 dollars an hour and have no medical ins or no pension and the other 10% can have everything. You may hate the workers right now but if they lose everything then your job will be next maybe not tomorrow but it will come.

  • Annie

    I work for a government agency. We’ve been on 5% pay cuts for FOUR YEARS now. We pay contributions to our pension funds, have for at least 15 years (I don’t recall exactly when that was put in place) and a hell of a lot more than $92/month for our share of our health insurance.

    Given all that, it’s hard to sympathize with people who go out on strike because they haven’t had raises. Especially because, if the BART workers get what they want it would probably be paid for with higher fares, which will hit hardest on the poorest people using that system.

    The BART union should have done a lot more research on other workers’ situations, and maybe more outreach and PR, before they went out on strike.

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