Pop-Up Atari Arcade at BART

bart atari pop up
Photo via SFGate

Some things don’t need to be brought back from the past, like scrunchies, The A-Team (sequel?!), or denim overalls. But here’s something we definitely wouldn’t mind reliving: a pop-up Atari game kiosk at the Powell BART station, circa 1976.

SFGate’s Arcade Photos from the 1970s and 1980s story showed this amazing photo of an Atari kiosk on the BART platform.

From the Uptown Alamanc.

That’s right: an arcade! On the BART platform!

Installed by Atari, the cabinet contained six arcade games. Atari and BART split the quarters as part of a revenue sharing arrangement.

bart pop up game
Photo via SFGate

Playing Pac-Man on the platform while you wait sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

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