A Completely Believable Late-to-Work Note

muni platform
Photo by goofcitygoof

Rider Alia received this email from a co-worker about why the coworker is late for work that day:

“I will be a bit late, there is a fire in the Lower Haight and buses were re-routed but for some reason my driver went waaaaaay off course and we are halfway to the Marina now. I’m seeing things I have never seen before. Yet I can’t convince myself to get off this bus as I imagine everything else is just as messed up and I am fascinated to see where he will go next. Our power strip has fallen off at least 8 times and the driver just got into a fight with a cop. See you soon!”

Not quite the same as a note written by the operator for your boss, but sounds like the driver was otherwise preoccupied.


  • Dexter Wong

    Is the driver trying to get to downtown through Fillmore and Sutter, or is he trying to go through Fillmore and California (or worse, through Fillmore, Steiner and Union)?

    • Dexter Wong

      I meant Sacramento Street when I said California (because the 1 California runs on Sacramento by the time it reaches Fillmore). You see if a 6 is rerouted off Haight onto Fillmore, then alternatives are Hayes (21 line), McAllister (5 line), Turk (31 line), Sutter (3 line), Sacramento (1 line), Union (41 or 45 lines) and Chestnut (30 line). If he is totally lost he’ll stop at Marina Green because that is the end of Fillmore.

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