Muni Wants Corporate Shuttles to Pay to Use Bus Stops

google shuttle bus
Photo by jyri

The huge corporate shuttles that drive up to your Muni stop and get in the way every morning might finally have to pay to use Muni’s bus stops. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Muni wants to share 100 of its stops with the growing swarm of private commuter shuttles, give priority to its own buses and charge a fee to the private operators.”

These corporate shuttles currently use about 250 Muni stops, according to the Chronicle story. The proposed test plan will only last for 18 months, and there hasn’t been a decision on how much the fee will be.

We’ve definitely heard increased complaints from you about these corporate shuttles. Remember when a vigilante Muni rider told the Facebook bus to get out of the way?

This proposal will be presented to the MTA Board of Directors this Friday. We’ll keep you updated.

So, do you think Muni’s new proposal is enough?


  • D

    They should stay the HELL out of the bus stops!! MUNI is bad enough already without those god damn corporate shuttles making things worse!!!

    • Heather

      It’s about time. Of course Google, Facebook, et. al. should pay to use Muni stops. How strange that they’ve been allowed to use them for free for so long.

  • Yeah… I often have these buses blocking my bus stop and I don’t like it.
    But if they have to pay big big bucks to use the stops, and the money goes towards improving Muni, then I’m a maybe.

    There should be a rule though that if they are in a stop and a Muni bus approaches, the shuttles have to move off.

    • WIllie Brown

      We all know that the money collected will go to pad the paychecks of MUNI employees.

      Remember when they promised at least 85% ontime performance? Whatever happened to that?

  • D

    @ Willie Brown

    Remember when you were mayor and you promised to fix MUNI in 90 days?

    Whatever happened to that?

  • Jay

    Screw that shiz! Let the bastards try to find a free space to park like the rest of us working stiffs. And for those of us who have to load onto a crowded city bus to get home, clear the way or off with your head.

  • Chris

    Wharf the most effective channel to complain about this problem through, ADA?

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