Get a peek of the new BART fleet

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Still reeling from seeing people getting busy on those oh-so-cozy fabric BART seats? Comfort yourself by checking out the full-scale mockup of the new BART train interiors this week. Between 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. each day from this Tuesday, July 23, to Friday, July 26, you can check out a wooden model of the new BART trains at the MacArthur station in Oakland.

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BART has built the plywood model to give the public a sense of the proportions of the new cars, possible configurations of seats, placement of bike racks and handholds, so visitors can share impressions about these and other new features. Those going through the model will fill out a survey to give their feedback. Nearly 10,000 people have shared feedback so far on the project by attending other events, taking online surveys or emailing comments.

The new interiors look pretty clean and awesome, and the seats (thank goodness) look too narrow for people to get down to business. The aisles, however, still look wide enough for twerking.

If you’re around the MacArthur station this week, snap a photo and let us know what you think!

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