Clarification on My Reindeer Chihuahua

muni cute dog
Photo by bianca francesca (this is not the dog in the story, by the way, just another cute dog)

Sometimes you just never know what will set somebody off. Katy at SF Weekly found out the hard way when she tried to find some common ground with another dog owner on the bus.

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to The Salt House. I was on the 38 and passing the time with my usual crossword when this lady across from me starts up a conversation. She was wearing short shorts, a tank top, and false eyelashes. She had a little chihuahua and she was playing with it. Her tone was just a few octaves above what any sane person might use, so that was my first clue. I smiled at her and she started to tell me about her dog, how expensive he was to care for. I told her that “they pay us back though in other ways,” which was the only thing I could think to say.

Her face squinched up. “How you know that?” she said rather accusingly.

Oh dear. I told her I had a dog too, showed her a picture of my dachshund/cocker mix, and then made the comment that both of our dogs were cute and stumpy.

That wasn’t going to be good enough of an explanation for this lady. Read the rest of Katy’s story at SFWeekly (and more to the point, about her review about happy hour at Salt House).

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