BART Strike Averted for Now (update)

Photo by Jed Sullivan

Update (10:34 p.m.): SFGate is now reporting that Gov. Jerry Brown ordered an investigation into the negotiations between BART management and its unions, thus averting a strike for at least one week. BART trains should run on their normal schedules tomorrow and throughout the week. We’ll update here if more news breaks.

Original post: BART and labor unions representing BART workers still haven’t reached an agreement on key issues involving wages, pension contribution and health insurance. With only a few hours left for negotiations, we could be facing the second BART strike this year on Monday.

SFGate reports that a few agreements were made at the table today but no major changes from last month’s contentions.

According to the SFGate report:

Progress was reported on what are called “supplemental agreements” on work place rules and other side issues, said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost.

“There have been some tentative agreements and progress made there,” Trost said.

Despite a state-brokered 30-day contract extension that ended the July walkout, the points of contention are largely unchanged from last month.

BART is offering smaller raises than the unions are seeking, and the transit agency wants workers to begin paying into their pension fund and contribute more toward health costs. Union leaders say the result for many workers would be a net pay cut after years without raises.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we get more information. Meanwhile, we’d all appreciate it very much if no one plans on twerking or sexing on BART in the next couple of days (or years, if possible).

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