Four Weird Things People Did on Muni This Week

Photo by alejoandez

Between you and me: I can’t wait to get old and just let it all hang out, act as weird as I want to be. You know, floss at the dinner table, tell the kids to get off my lawn, that kind of thing. But some people aren’t waiting to get old to be weird. Here are four of them, spotted on Muni this week.

1. Guy on the N is waving his hands at me like he’s putting a spell on me. I shouldn’t be worried, right? Right? – @e_gadd

2. Dude on #38 alternating between singing 80s hits and quoting the Bible ALOUD. Like a battle of God vs. Cindy Lauper – @loveoz13

3. Homegirl gets on the bus at the stop outside Costco and proceeds to put her toilet paper pack on my lap. #ohokay – @danawei

4. A man walks on a bus. A $20 bill in his hand, looks into a young gentlemen’s eyes and says, “Sex shop.” – @jontowerakerman

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