5 of This Week’s 99 Muni Problems

muni dinosaur
Photo by kjaere

A grown man dresed as a dinosaur? Not one of this week’s 99 Muni problems. Meanwhile, more of what happened on Muni this week:

  1. “I put a piece of paper down and shouted to alert you not to sit on the seat with blood on it. My duty is done.”
  2. “That awkward moment when the jerk blasting his music in the bus gets a Spotify ad.”
  3. “The spaceship can’t melt the cheese.” #BumWisdom #SFMuni
  4. “to tell or not to tell the woman in front of me her pants are on backward.”
  5. “i wish i had half the faith as the woman with the barefoot child on muni.”

The good folks @spiegelmama, @larrrk, @emenagan, @loveoz13, and @lahlahlindsey shared the gems above. Got some Muni wisdom of your own? Hit us up @munidiaries.

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