Startup Bro Thinks He Can Make Fun of Muni Better Than You Can

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Y’all heard about that startup douche who wrote about how shitty San Francisco is, and how terrible it is that Y-Combinator made him move here? And you heard about how much he hates the 49ers ( his definition: “girls who are obviously 4’s and behave like they are 9’s.” )? We’re not done bagging on him yet, even though Uptown Almanac and SFist did a bang-up job. Of all the things San Francisco is doing wrong for Peter Shih (special cadet for a startup called Celery, according to SFist), Muni is the worst offender.

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know that Muni sucks. But does this bro really think he can make fun of Muni better than you, dear Muni Diaries readers? Let’s see what he’s got.

Peter says:

1. Public Transportation
If you don’t agree with me that the SF MUNI is a pathetic excuse for a public transportation system, then I suggest you visit any of the following cities at your convenience and then proceed to get your head out of your ass: New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, and… actually you know what? Just go to any real city…

Um, really? “Pathetic excuse for a public transportation system” is the best he’s got? Come on, let’s get a little more poetic here! How about “hotter than hell and smells like tuna salad”? (via @taco) Or “Packed like an obese anchovy with enemies that hate showering”? (via @darlingallyson) How about “only thing less irritating than this horrible scab that keeps ripping open”? (via @boobydeniro)

Dear readers, I think you won.

Oh, by the way, Kevmo at Uptown Almanac ripped him a new one:

Peter is going to change the fucking world. How dare San Francisco consider itself a real city when its public transportation service isn’t exactly what Peter expects. If Peter lived in a real city, Peter wouldn’t need to call an Uber to get where he needs to go. San Francisco is making Peter use Uber. How dare San Francisco?

Peter, just don’t ask us why old people don’t just take Uber. We’ve been over that one already.

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