Skateboarders and Muni: It’s a Thing

muni transfer skateboard

A skateboard is definitely more Muni-compatible than a bike (no need to worry about pesky bike racks or people stealing your ride right under your nose). What’s better than that?

Behold: the Muni transfer skateboard, showcased in this photo via Angela Au. Jordan at Embarklife printed these skateboards with custom vintage Muni transfers on the back.

Now you can enter Muni (or exiting through the emergency window—true story) with transit-appropriate style.

P.S.: Somebody please ride this skateboard with these Muni Converse sneakers!

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  • on a related note… I love seeing the skate punks using the 6 Parnassus as a ski lift up to Golden Gate Heights, then flying down… no slouching around playing video games for these guys… keep up the good fun!

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