A piggy bank filled with “Overheard on Muni”

Photo by marc.flores

People collect things. It’s one of the things people do. It’s fun, and sometimes borders on sickness.

Grace collects things she overhears in San Francisco. She alerted us to the special room in her house of overheards: Overheard on Muni. Naturally, we bought in.

A sampling:

OH in SF (on the 14L):
Woman: Hey that’s knitting she’s doing! My Dr. says I should learn that cuz it’ll relax my mind, also I need to find an AA meeting.


OH in SF: (Late Evening on the 49)
Guy 1: … Take for example Lando Calrissian.
Guy 2: What? Calrissian was a sellout!
Guy 1: No, no he wasn’t.
Guy 2: He sold out Han Solo!
Guy 1: Solo wasn’t a brother.

Sing it, San Francisco. Check out more gems on Grace’s website: designcat

What did you overhear on Muni today? We wanna know!

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