• Dexter Wong

    That’s one problem with low-floor buses, they can scape hills.

  • D

    Kind of looks like it wanted it’s belly scratched….

  • this was on Wisconsin cresting onto 20th. no line runs there (for obvious reasons), no idea what the driver was thinking. the display wasn’t showing a line number when i walked by.

  • ジェフ・ チャウチャウ via Facebook

    muni is spending their resources on building new buses rather than maintaining their current fleet, that means more buses on the street that will end up breaking down, brilliant muni, brilliant…

  • ^Yeah, it was SOOOOOO stupid of Muni to take advantage of federal grants and Prop K sales tax money to pay for most of the costs of the buses. Come on. There’s 200+ 40 ft buses that are supposed to be retired within the next few years. There’s no point in rehabbing a small amount of buses that are already worn out and have extremely low value. Muni’s only buying a small amount of buses each order, so that they can spend as little of their own money as they can. No bus agency in the country could afford to buy all their buses without significant aid from the federal government. If Muni was really going to replace all of their aging fleet with their own money, they’d need several hundred million dollars, which evidently they don’t have.

  • checkereddan

    GO 49ERS!

  • Dexter Wong

    I would like to point out that low-floor buses are now ubiquitous because they allow easier entry and exit. They first came out in the 1990s and are now common because most transit systems are flat. Not so with Muni, but they must buy what is available, which leads to the picture above. If there is no bus line on that street, maybe the driver was testing how steep this bus would go.

  • Dexter Wong

    Apparently the driver was going up Wisconsin between 19th and 20th to test his bus’ climbing ability before he got stuck. The 10 line does pass through the intersection to the left of the picture but northbound 10s come down Wisconsin and turn right at 20th just before the steep section of the street.

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