Muni+ App is kind of a minus

Muni + app

While looking for the latest rerun of Law and Order, I happened upon a TV spot for SFMTA’s Muni app, Muni +. Minutes later I was downloading it, hoping that it would be at least decent compared to what I currently use (Routesy and Maps on iPhone). SFMTA contracted app developers Sky Highways to create the app, which is available for both iPhone and Android.

I don’t want to seem like I drink a big cup of haterade every morning, but my attempt at using the Muni+ app to map my morning commute was nothing but frustrating.

The user interface for Muni+ is crowded and looks a bit too much like the old SFMTA website. It took me a few minutes to realize that the map on the app’s homepage is not just a graphic—you are actually supposed to pin your location on the map. But when I try to see when the 2-Clement was arriving near my house, the app prompted me to choose a stop location instead of using the current location already pinned on the map.

No matter, I figured I would try to plan a trip from my house to the Financial District (which can be reached via the 1-California, 2-Clement, or 3-Jackson near my neighborhood). If you don’t click around on the app randomly, you probably wouldn’t notice the icon for trip planning (the arrow with a green dot and a blue dot on each end). Trying to set the beginning and end locations on the map was frustrating because the map was so crowded that you could not see the street names. Then, despite my trying, the app suggested that I walk or bike to the Financial District instead of taking any of the available Muni lines near my house. Gee, thanks?

So, it’s back to Routesy and Maps for me. Have you used the Muni+ app? What’s your favorite public transit app?


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