Lending a Hand on the N-Judah

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Photo by in.EVITA.ble

Rider RB saw a perfect moment on the N the other day. It’s just a small gesture that makes you think that people are actually all right.

On Monday afternoon at about 1:46 p.m., I saw an amusing Muni scene on the outbound N-Judah just after it came above ground onto Duboce at Church.

A late middle-aged woman with a cane was leaning with her back against the partition at the front of the car rather than take one of the vacant seats offered to her.

A 20-something young lady climbed aboard with a to-go cup of coffee in her left hand, then proceeded to fumble with her one free hand to find $2 and get it into the fare box.

The elderly woman reached over without a word to hold the young lady’s coffee while she paid her fare and received her transfer, then handed her back the coffee. The girl smiled with lips together and nodded her thanks without speaking a word.

A scriptwriter couldn’t have done it better.

Aw, this makes me like people today, kind of like this other coffee-spilling gentleman on Muni.

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