SNL’s Stefon describes Muni’s hottest line


Okay, not really. That’s a misleading headline. On purpose.

But this bit of amazing landed in our submissions box recently, and had me smiling ear-to-ear.

Take it away, Matty:

I had a conversation with a friend not too long ago about the best way I’ve found to make riding Muni tolerable, especially during rush hour when it’s crazy packed with all of God’s forgotten children. Just look around and narrate in your head what’s happening as if it was a Stefon skit from SNL:

The result is something like this:

San Francisco’s hottest new bus is the 38L Geary. This bus has it all. It’s got middle-aged married businessmen of questionable sexuality, 20-something hipster girls complaining how they’re just working as a barista until their Etsy page takes off, a shifty homeless Asian woman eating popcorn, thugs tagging the ceiling, and look, is that Lindsay Lohan? No! It’s just your old neighbor from the TL who you caught smoking meth in the stairwell that one time!


Guaranteed to make your commute less shit-tastic.

We’d like to see you try this here experiment, then try complaining.

Just kidding, complain away.

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