Giant Bubble Wrap Dare on Muni

bubble wrap on Muni

Muni rider Kim is on his way to bubble wrap all the things! I ran into Kim on the 38-R as he boarded the bus with his enormous cargo. He was nice enough to let me take a photo of his bubble wrap, but I didn’t ask him if I could pop a bubble because that would just be creepy, right?

Turns out someone else on the bus was equally impressed with Kim! Here’s a shot by Muni rider Lorena from the back of the bus.

bubble wrap on muni by lorena

Congrats, Kim, you have officially entered the Muni Diaries Strange Cargo Hall of Fame. You’re in good company with this styrofoam mountain and taxidermy deer head.

What We Talk About When We Talk About a Muni Rider Like Tim

muni stop by lynn friedland
Photo by Lynn Friedland

Muni rider Rory sent us this thoughtful letter about a fellow regular passenger named Tim. We have all known or met someone like Tim, and we’ve all probably looked away awkwardly when someone like Tim murmurs to himself on the bus. Rory describes one evening when looking away was not enough. What would you do?

Tim is one of those guys you meet on the bus without a filter between his thoughts and speech. It seems pretty common on Muni: thoughts just come out as psycho-babble and he could go on for a very long time. Our bus schedules are quite similar so I run into him on the 38-L a lot, but this particular ride last night made me question Muni practices and passenger reactions.

Nerves were brought to the breaking point last night when the driver insisted on over-crowding a bus that was already full. Read more

Score one for the good Muni riders on the 38-L

muni bus by roland t
Photo by Roland

Muni rider D saw a suspicious man carrying a large empty garment bag boarding the 38-L. The whole bus went into action when they realized what he was about to do. Here’s the story.

This past Monday I was on my way home during the evening commute when I noticed a guy who was acting rather suspiciously. For starters he was carrying a Macy’s garment bag and given his appearance it just didn’t match. My observation was confirmed when I saw him open the bag, which was empty, to stuff some paper and other items inside to make it appear full.

When the outbound 38L pulled into the stop, the crowd of people waiting swarmed onto the bus, suspicious guy included. Having been pick-pocketed myself a number of years ago, I knew that thieves use items like that to cover their hands as they reach into open purses and back pockets. The bus was packed and I ended up standing right next to the suspicious guy. I stared at his hands and he saw that I was watching him. When I looked right up into his eyes, he moved away from me. Considering I’m about the size of a Hobbit, how could anyone be afraid of me?

I also noticed that he was using a small blue towel to hang onto the pole in an attempt to not leave any prints. When the bus pulled up to the Van Ness and Geary stop the driver called out, “Everyone watch out for your wallets and purses.” Everyone checked their pockets and as they did so the suspicious guy hopped off rather quickly. Sure enough, someone (I’ll call him “Philly guy”) called out, “God DAMN IT he’s got my wallet!” Several other passengers yelled out, “It’s that guy!”

“Philly guy” got off the bus with his family in pursuit.

Something in me just snapped and I got off with them and stood alongside him. With the entire bus watching “Philly guy” pointed at the suspicious guy and yelled, “HE’S GOT MY WALLET!”

With all those eyes watching, suspicious guy handed it back and said, “You dropped it….”

Suspicious guy backed away and when I whipped out my camera, snapped a pic, he REALLY took off!

At the top of my lungs, I yelled, “I’VE GOT YOUR PICTURE ASSHOLE!”

“Philly guy” checked his wallet and everything was still inside.

The driver came over and asked us if we were all right, and after confirming, he handed “Philly guy” some kind of Muni card to jot down information for the cops. We all got back on and started talking about how we’d all noticed how suspicious guy was acting. Once we got to “Philly guy’s” stop I got off with him and his family to try and find a cop to give a report. As we did, the driver let us know he’d radioed the incident in as well.

We didn’t find a cop straight away but got SFPD’s general phone number from a security guard standing near the bus stop.

I parted ways with “Philly guy” and his family and they were quite happy how things turned out. I’d like to think the positive outcome was a result of practically everyone getting involved. From our fellow passengers to the driver himself, we made a difference at least this once.

What’s YOUR Muni story? Submit it, tweet it, Facebook us with your tales!

Beware of the Inappropriate Man on 38L-Geary

Photo by sfjanda

Muni rider Marielamari told us about an incident of harassment that shouldn’t ever happen to anyone, on the bus or anywhere.

On February 19 at around 5:30 p.m.,  I got on the 38-L #6407 as I usually do to head home toward the Richmond. An older man in his 50s with a pot belly, holding a bag in his right hand, stood next to me. The bus was crowded and I understand people bumping into each other. However, every time he “bumped” into me, he extended his finger to hook my skirt. I didn’t think much of it the first time but after the third time, I made eye contact with him and he did it again more purposefully.

I asked him to step away but he didn’t. It wasn’t until a substantial amount of people left the bus that it became obvious that he was too close, so he stepped away. He got off at Divisadero and Geary. He was wearing an orange shirt and dark windbreaker.

I’m not sure what telling my story here will do but I just find it enraging that people like him take advantage and play dumb. I just want other women to be aware that this sort of thing happens. Please report, photograph, and let someone know.

In 2012, we told you about the Bay Citizen report that found that sex crimes on public transit are under-reported. It’s a story that we hear all too often here at Muni Diaries. Have you reported a similar incident to the police?

Muni Driver Saxophone Break


We have on good intel that Muni riders Emily and Jennifer are hashtag besties. Good thing, that, because yesterday, they were both kind enough to tweet us a hot report from out in the field. Two tweets, seconds apart, the way only hashtag besties can do.

We’ll I’ll be. Totally want audio next time, besties!

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