GIve your brutally honest opinions of Muni, win a monthly pass

Photo by mendolus shank

At last, your brutally honest opinion about Muni is worth its weight in gold. Or at least in a free monthly Muni pass.

The University of California at Berkeley is doing an Android phone-based research study to improve Muni (sorry, no iPhone app for now). The Berkeley researchers are working directly with SFMTA to figure out how positive or negative experiences with Muni affect your transit choices, and what you think Muni really ought to do to improve things.

The study asks you to download a survey app and use your free pass to ride Muni on at least five days during the first half of November. You then give direct feedback on your phone about the experience.

The researchers have 1,000 passes to give out. We like to think we know most of you, and we’re guessing that you have a lot to say about Muni. Whaddaya say? Help these nice research people out.

Apply to give your two cents (and then some) to the SF Travel Quality Study Project from UC Berkeley.


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