Dear drivers of the 37-Corbett

Photo by LA Wad

Muni rider Pete has some opinions to share with you all.

Dear 37 Muni Drivers.

I really don’t like you. You constantly fly up and own Corbett ignoring the posted speed limit. Dogs, cats, kids, cyclist and any living thing on that street is in serious danger when you fly by. Not only is the speed you travel at completely unacceptable but you have a blatant disregard for the rules of the road as you straddle the double yellow line forcing everyone to swerve into parked cars along the roadside. You fly around blind corners and simply create a lot of stress in a quiet San Francisco neighborhood. Please consider using Market street for your traverse up the east face of Twin Peaks. The neighborhood will thank you for it.


We’re confused by the ending, too. Is Pete kidding? But he sounds so, so … serious.

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