Tattoo honors Muni driver grandfather


This blows me away on so many levels. I’ll just leave it here for you to be blown away by.

“William Ochoa, popular driver of the Municipal Railway’s No. 37-Corbett line, was named the June “Muni Man” of the month yesterday. Ochoa, 49, who holds two safe-driving awards, join the [sic] Muni in 1947″

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h/t: Mo’ Better Tattooing: “Tattoo of an article his grandfather was in. Year 1964, he has been a Muni Bus driver for 30years straight and has not missed one day of work!”

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Dear drivers of the 37-Corbett

Photo by LA Wad

Muni rider Pete has some opinions to share with you all.

Dear 37 Muni Drivers.

I really don’t like you. You constantly fly up and own Corbett ignoring the posted speed limit. Dogs, cats, kids, cyclist and any living thing on that street is in serious danger when you fly by. Not only is the speed you travel at completely unacceptable but you have a blatant disregard for the rules of the road as you straddle the double yellow line forcing everyone to swerve into parked cars along the roadside. You fly around blind corners and simply create a lot of stress in a quiet San Francisco neighborhood. Please consider using Market street for your traverse up the east face of Twin Peaks. The neighborhood will thank you for it.


We’re confused by the ending, too. Is Pete kidding? But he sounds so, so … serious.

SFWeekly: Dad Chases Down Alleged Pervert Who Touched Teen on Muni

The San Francisco Police Department arrested a man who allegedly groped a teenage girl on Muni last week, after the girl’s father chased down the alleged groper and punched him in the face, reports SFWeekly. The incident happened on the 37-Corbett near 14th Street and Church Street.

From SFWeekly:

San Francisco police have arrested a 39-year-old man who allegedly groped a teenage girl as she rode the Muni bus home last week.

Capt. Greg Corrales tells us the incident started about 4:20 p.m., when the 17-year-old got onto the 37 Muni line at 14th and Church streets. She was sitting in the rear of the bus when a man came and sat next to her. As soon as he was settled, he placed his left hand on her leg, just above her knee, and began rubbing her.

The girl got off the bus and ran toward her house, where she got into a car with her dad to chase the bus down until the suspect exited the bus. Police arrested the suspect on suspicion of battery, according to SFWeekly.

We’ve received disturbing accounts of assault on the 49, the T-Third, 8X, and other lines. Everybody be safe out there.

‘Long shutdown’ of N-Judah, J-Church, other lines starts next weekend

Photo by davitydave

Today, SFMTA reminds us of some upcoming service disruptions on several lines.

Construction for the Church and Duboce Track and Street Improvement Project and the Carl Street Rail Replacement Project will require bus shuttle substitution on the N-Judah Line, disruption to the J-Church Line, reroutes of several bus routes and traffic detours over multiple days…

… the multi-day shutdown is slated to begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 25, and end at 5 a.m. on Monday, June 4. It will require a shutdown of the N-Judah Line, a partial shutdown of the J-Church and reroutes on the 22-Fillmore, 37-Corbett, 43-Masonic and N-Owl routes…

Summary of transit and traffic impacts:
路 The N Judah will be shutdown with substitute bus service provided from Ocean Beach to Van Ness Avenue.
路 The bus service will vary between weekdays and weekends
路 NX service unchanged
路 J Church Line to operate between Balboa Park and Market/Church streets
路 Major reroute of the 22 Fillmore
路 Other minor reroutes of 37 Corbett, 43 Masonic and N Owl service
路 Residents, merchants and Muni customers can also expect street and bike lane closures and detours during the construction.
路 Bike detours will be in place for the Wiggle, the Steiner/Sanchez route and the connector route between the Wiggle and Market Street.
路 Parking restrictions will be in effect.
路 Traffic control officers and police officers will direct traffic at critical intersections.
路 Noise and dust will be controlled in adherence with city codes.
路 Electronic messaging boards will be used in affected areas to alert motorists and cyclists of detours.

More details of this “long shutdown” can be found on SFMTA’s website. Plan accordingly!