Are you liking Muni’s new 5L-Fulton Limited route?

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Muni debuted a new line today: the 5L-Fulton Limited. It’s basically the 5-Fulton with limited stops and is meant to speed up rush-hour commutes along that line.

Here’s a sampling, good and bad, of what some of you had to say via Twitter this morning:

  • Derek: “The new 5L is life changing.”
  • Justin: “20 minutes from home to downtown; thanks SF Muni for the 5 Limited and for making Monday almost bearable. #sfmuni
  • Laura: “#SFMuni success. Day one on the 5L and it was amazing.”
  • Ashley: “I was soo amped about the new 5L for my commute but the driver seems to not have been trained. Still [stopping] at every stop. #fail

Well, we have “life-changing,” gratitude, “almost bearable,” “amazing,” and a driver that possibly missed the training session. Sounds like the 5L is fitting right in to the Muni fold. To all of our Richmond District enthusiasts: What colorful descriptions do you have for Muni’s new 5L-Fulton Limited?

Read more about the 5L-Fulton Limited.


  • Mami Miyake via Facebook

    I appreciate it… but it does not stop at the closest stop. have to walk extra 3 blocks. I’m wondering if they are gonna reduce the number of original 5.

  • Annie

    I live at 48th and Balboa and work in the Civic Center. The new 5/5L combo, so far, has been a nightmare. The lost stops mean I get the 5 local and get off for a 5L. The first evening, I was downtown, and the wait for a 5L was so long it washed out any time savings. The second night, the driver insisted we get off at Stanyan, so we did, only to discover the 5L doesn’t stop there.

    I think the subtext to all this is to make it harder for people who live past Park Presidio to get around the city on Muni. the 38 to Ocean Beach was dropped 3 years ago and the 18 line that replaced it is a bloody joke. Now we get to either wait longer for a 5L, or get the local and transfer.

    Let’s see how people feel when it’s cold and/or raining and we’re all waiting for a 5L at Sixth Avenue.

  • Dexter Wong

    Some people are never satisfied.

  • tk

    Based on 5 days of riding both the 5L and regular 5, it seems to me like the drivers haven’t figured it out yet. Lots of “regular” 5 drivers blowing through stops. Do they think they’re all 5L’s now?

    I like the hybrid busses though.

  • Mitsi Lyn

    GAVE THE 5/5L THE DOUBLE MITTEN (the finger while wearing gloves) TODAY. So, no, not satisfied. NextMuni is a liar, waited 10 minutes when it promised me 2. Luckily I have eyeballs and realized it was lying again. Walked 6ish blocks up Fulton from 30th, waiting for the approaching trolley and watched it pass me (hence the DOUBLE MITTEN, but there was no yelling so #progress). And questions: Why is the slow-ass trolley buses the 5L (should be faster, right?) and the regular 5 the hybrid?!? Why does both the 5/5L blow past every stop, regardless of the stop?!? DOUBLE MITTEN! DOUBLE MITTEN!

    • Jeremy

      Well, the 5L should be every stop in the avenues until 6th, so there should not have been a need for you to walk any further than before. Additionally, there are no straight-up 5s outbound from 6th Avenue between 7am and 7pm.

      If you mean inbound, the 6 blocks up Fulton should have included stops at 30th, 28th, and 25th. If you mean outbound, the 6 blocks from 30th again include 33rd, 36th inbound, and 37th outbound. Map:

      I have heard that the 5L is on the lines because it has the longer distance to travel and therefore it is cheaper to run it that way.

      Anyway, if you continue to have problems with a bus skipping your stop, you should call 311 to request an explanation from a MUNI customer service operator.

  • Rafael Green

    Sorry, but for us long-time outer Richmond residents, the 5L is a joke. I ride every weekday roundtrip from 30th Ave. to Beale St. and have noticed no real improvement in my commute time. That’s because the “limited” stops only happen east of about Masonic. The rest is the same old 5 Fulton, and any time gained west of Masonic is given back on the eastern half of the commute. An express bus would work better.

    And meanwhile, Muni continues running its shortened outbound 5 Fulton line during peak afternoon commute hours, knowing full well that anyone who lives west of 6th Ave. will be forced to pay an extra fare to get home. That’s the real scandal.

  • Henry Larry

    Thrilled to see the positive reception to the new 5L Fulton Limited. Seems like a game changer for many commuters. Hoping any kinks with training get ironed out soon.
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