Muni: Where the rubber meets the … back door


Safety first, people, especially when it fits the color palette this well. Thankfully, this one was still in its wrapper and, say, not a discarded magnum draped over the railing. Not that that ever happened or anything.

Hat tip to Muni rider Karen for this, adding, “It’s always a party on the 5L.” If I knew it was that kind of party, I would’ve added my box of Franzia to the mix and put those cable-car booze buses to shame.

Left Behind on Muni: Feminine Hygiene Edition


For the uninitiated, including certain male editors who thought this was a tampon, allow me to clarify for you. Now that that’s out of the way, I think we can all agree this could have gone far, far worse for all involved.

I maintain that it’s not as weird as the discarded tampon applicator found on Muni a couple years ago, about which I went into completely necessary analysis of the why and the how.

It’s just also somehow worse in the rain. A little parting thought for y’all.

h/t Muni rider Karen: “Ma’am, you dropped something…”

Are you liking Muni’s new 5L-Fulton Limited route?

Photo by smadden

Muni debuted a new line today: the 5L-Fulton Limited. It’s basically the 5-Fulton with limited stops and is meant to speed up rush-hour commutes along that line.

Here’s a sampling, good and bad, of what some of you had to say via Twitter this morning:

  • Derek: “The new 5L is life changing.”
  • Justin: “20 minutes from home to downtown; thanks SF Muni for the 5 Limited and for making Monday almost bearable. #sfmuni
  • Laura: “#SFMuni success. Day one on the 5L and it was amazing.”
  • Ashley: “I was soo amped about the new 5L for my commute but the driver seems to not have been trained. Still [stopping] at every stop. #fail

Well, we have “life-changing,” gratitude, “almost bearable,” “amazing,” and a driver that possibly missed the training session. Sounds like the 5L is fitting right in to the Muni fold. To all of our Richmond District enthusiasts: What colorful descriptions do you have for Muni’s new 5L-Fulton Limited?

Read more about the 5L-Fulton Limited.

5-Fulton Limited Community Input Meeting Tuesday Evening

Photo by yruffy

Have you ever been on a Muni limited line? They’re kinda bizarro Muni. Cleaner, faster, better.

There’s a move afoot to inaugurate a 5-Fulton Limited line, to faster, more cleanly whisk riders to the outer reaches of the Outer Richmond. And there’s a community meeting tonight that you should totally go to if you’re interested in things like cleaner, faster, better Muni lines.

Here’s some info about the proposed new route:
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is considering the creation of a 5 Fulton Limited line to ease crowding and improve transit times during peak hours.
Proposed Route and Changes:
• Peak period 5L would make local stops to 6th Ave, then limited stops to Van Ness Ave.
• Peak hour 5-short-line would begin at 6th Ave., making all local stops and providing additional needed capacity.
• East of Van Ness, both 5 and 5L would make all local stops to Downtown via McAllister and Market.

And here are the meeting deets:
Date: Tuesday August 21, 2012
Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
Place: Richmond Police Station Community Room, 461 6th Avenue (map, take the 2, 28, 31, 33, 38, or 44)

If you can’t make the meeting or need more information, you can contact Supe. Eric Mar’s office by calling 415.554.7410 and asking for Nickolas Pagoulatos.