Wait a minute: Did my Muni driver just get lost?

Photo by WarzauWynn

It’s either a nightmare or a really memorable ride. Wait, that kinda describes every trip on Muni, eh?

Via Muni rider Ramona says on Facebook:

“Oh great. My bus driver just got list! I Suddenly heard him say, “I missed a turn,” and I looked up and saw we were heading down Lincoln instead of straight through the park! How that happened I’m not sure, and for a moment visions of Speed ran through my brain…”

Turns out this isn’t as rare a bird as you’d imagine. From Muni rider Naaman in March:

And rider Dave in May:

Has your bus driver ever gotten lost? How was that?


  • I was once on an Owl line where the driver had no idea where he was going. Fortunately the passengers helped out.

  • Judy Hitzeman via Facebook

    My husband, John, was on a 28 when the driver missed the turnoff for the GG Bridge stop; they ended up going over the bridge. The driver panicked because he didn’t know how to get back. John and other passengers gave him directions. It would’ve been interesting if they had ended up in Eureka. 🙂

  • Mr. Nic

    I was on a 31BX but the driver thought he was on a 38. After missing his turn, he didn’t know how to get back on course. A fellow passenger had to give him directions. Ah, Muni.

  • Dexter Wong

    I remember riding one bus line that was just extended to the Daly City BART station as the driver wasn’t sure which turn to make to get the station, but I straightened him out.

  • D

    @Mr. Nic

    I had that happen to me on the same line too! Wonder if it was the same driver? Once he got back on course and I got off on my stop I couldn’t resist kidding him.

    I said (with a wink) “You do realize there’s also a written test?”

  • John

    It’s not uncommon late at night for outbound 71 drivers to accidentally turn at 22nd instead of 23rd Ave. Riders are so used to it I’ve seen them ask the errant driver to stop at 22nd/Irving before getting back to the correct route.

    Also once I saw a Muni bus in the middle of Golden Gate Park turn around by driving off-road onto the grass and making a 3 point turn. The deep ruts in the grass were still there a year later!

  • User

    I take the 71-Haight/Noregia every tuesday .

    Only few (As i can tell)Veteran Muni drivers almost turned on the Inbound Route (Where the 71 Comes out to head towards to Lincoln Way).

    I dont blame them though because many others though the was the right to cause they right that bus everytime

  • TransitMan

    Before buses GPS were equipped, sometimes hard to tell if the driver just decided to go on his own joy ride or if he really got lost. I’ve had both happen.

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