Packed Muni Train Takes Off Without Driver

A KT-Ingleside train full of passengers took off Wednesday morning without the driver after the driver stepped out to fix the door, possibly (according to SFGate anyway) forgetting to set the emergency brake. Ghost ride the Muni? According to SFGate:

A rider brought the train to a halt in the tunnel between the Castro and Forest Hill stations by activating the emergency brake, Muni said.

Passengers were never in danger because the train was under automatic control, said John Haley, director of transit for the Municipal Railway. But the incident is under investigation, and the operator is on paid leave and is undergoing routine drug and alcohol testing, Haley said. The driver’s name has not been released.

SFGate says that a passenger frantically came down the aisle saying that there was no driver. Another passenger finally hit the emergency brake and stopped the train, SFGate reports. More from SFGate on the ghost train.


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