Shoutout to Muni Driver #833

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Photo by tatuajefalso

We found a very sincere thank-you note from a blogger on Tumblr who had an amazing Muni driver who made his day by going above and beyond.

“Today I had one of the coolest experiences I have ever had riding Muni. The driver kept everyone informed of all delays. ‘we have one car ahead of us… their doors are closing. We’ll be moving in 5 to 10 seconds” he said, and he was right. At almost every stop he told everyone getting off to “have a great day I’ll see you mañana, be safe” and occasionally added “remember that Muni loves you.’ He was funny too. When it was time to raise the right-side steps he said ‘I’m raising the right side steps, I hope nobody had a big breakfast or we’re in trouble.’

“At the end of the line he told everyone ‘Thank you for riding my pony express I love you, see you manana.’ I got off the train and went to the driver’s door. ‘Hey thanks for being awesome, what’s your number?’ i asked. ‘833, see you tomorrow!’ he said and smiled. I shook his hand.”

Kind of reminds me of another great Muni driver with a musical gift. Read the rest of the story on Design the Revolution. This driver’s incredible positivity puts the rest of us pencil-pushers to shame.

Got other pleasant surprises on your commute? Tell us all about it.


  • Riley

    There are in fact lots of good Muni drivers. As a more or less regular rider of Muni beginning in 1976, I’ve had perhaps three truly bad Muni driver experiences.

    Muni passengers, on the other hand, contain a solid minority of social maladapts. One of the reasons I’m generally willing to cut an irritable Muni driver some slack is the realization that a routine part of their jobs is dealing with idiots and worse…

  • Jen

    Oh my goodness!! He used to be my driver on the JChurch a couple of years ago and we all LOVED him. He was such pure joy, I really miss him. The *nicest* fellow and funny, too. When he went on vacation he would tell us and ask that we “not miss him too, too much, but HE would miss all of us lots and lots”. Cutie-pie.

  • Kate

    I too love this driver! I think he’s often one of the later-morning N drivers these days. So charming.

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