“Muni rider Rebekka was minding her own on the 43 heading toward the Marina, lost in her book, when …

The weirdest noise interrupted my immersed state. I turned around and saw a man and two women running downright towards the front part of the bus. And what I saw then was embarrassing for basically every commuter in this bus: In the last row a guy just emptied his entire stomach. And obviously he hit a huge area of the windows, the seats and the floor. But worst of all, he hit those three people who just escaped.

“In that moment I was trying to figure out whom I should feel more sorry for: The girl who looked like as if she just freshly showered under partly digested food and drinks or the poor man who obviously must have felt incredibly sick. We all stared shocked at each other and nobody was able to talk for the rest of the ride, hoping for the next bus stop. After the first stop, the poor man was gone and stop by stop the bus got emptier. I was the last guest at the last stop and told the bus driver the whole story. She had to stop her bus ride.”

Time of day matters, here, but. Too many appletinis?

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