Bad Eggs of the Teenage Variety on Muni

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We threw this in the WTF: Weirdness on Muni category, but it’s not so much weirdness as what theeeee fuck. Via submitter “Ms. Over It,” we remember and wish everyone taught their kids to be good people, even when said kids get chest-puffy with their friends.

This story, unfortunately has it all: the worst of teen-on-woman harassment, theft, and what sounds like a lot of other scared passengers who sat on their hands.

I boarded the L train inbound at Taraval and 25th ave. yesterday evening after work. At the next stop a group of 6 or 7 teen boys boarded bringing foul language and disregard with them. They fought among each other, hogged multiple seats relaying emasculating phrases and homophobic accusations in the highest sound volume…this continued all the way to Forest Hill Station. When I departed the train I thought I was done with that ruckus but to my dismay the boys departed the train as well. We all boarded the elevator with a couple of other random people and half way up they hit the emergency stop button causing the elevator to jolt to a stop. They laughed and pushed each other around then hit the up button and the elevator began moving again, we were almost to the top when they did it again! I let out a frustrated sigh as I have a fear of falling and glanced at the other 2 adults on the elevator whom were also showing annoyance which I think the boys picked up on.

We walked outside of the station to wait for our bus transfers and they started dribbling a basketball and making sloppy passes to each other which was no big deal until they were doing it around and very close to the other people waiting for their buses. At one point the ball hit me in the back of the head, I turned around and glared at them expecting at least an apology…. nothing! only blank stares, giggles and smirks. “Really?” I said “Not even an apology?” then put my headphones on and turned away from them a few moments later the basketball hits me in the back of the head again and ricochets into the busy street. At this point instant karma took care of the issue so I returned their smirks and giggles back to them.

The 44 bus showed up shortly after and I scrambled into the back to try to avoid them, as I was boarding one of the boys managed to reach into my purse and steal my bus transfer. A young man that was already inside of the bus in a seat witnessed this and immediately announced this thievery to me and handed me his own transfer. One of the boys saw this and yelled “What da fuck you jus say to that bitch?” the young man replied “I see you all on here always stealing! Why do you keep stealing from people?” one of the boys replied “shut up you stupid Asian bitch what you got a problem? we ain’t stealin’ shit!” he then replied “That’s a lie! You took this ladies bus transfer and then I saw another guy try to open another lady’s purse just now… you are all cowards” At this point the whole group of boys starts to gang up on him yelling “stupid bitch” over and over. No one on the bus did anything. I yelled to the bus driver that they were stealing and he also did nothing.

They started yelling at me telling me to “shut the fuck up stupid white bitch” and asking me what the fuck my problem was I told them it was unnecessary and ignorant to provoke violence with others and bring racism into it, so then the personal attacks started “ugly saggy titty bitch with yellow teeth you need to shut the fuck up” still no one says anything until the biggest guy on the bus yells at us for arguing. These kids were stealing and somehow everyone on the bus missed that part? Doesn’t anyone defend each other anymore or has this world become a complete fend for yourself society? What if they did this to a grandma? would everyone still sit on their hands to avoid confrontation? I am beginning to think so…There is no reason that we should be allowing young people to run amok if they are going to do these things to people. Naturally I filed a report to the SFMTA….whatever that’s going to do 🙁


  • TransitMan

    Hats off to the MAN who stood up against all this thievery and vice and taking action in the face of crime. We need more people like that. If everyone on the bus stood up to this and said “NO MORE,” imagine the possibilities. We cannot keep sitting there and accept what’s happening. Don’t let them take over the bus, YOUR bus, OUR bus.

  • Dexter Wong

    Yes, don’t let these self-important kids run things, tell them off!(But be prepared to defend yourself, too.)

  • A Vuncular

    Does the SFPD’s Muni detail read Muni Diaries? It should be easy to spot and catch these young thugs and give ’em what they deserve: Christmas at the Youth Guidance Center, aka Juvie.

  • D

    I take it the cameras weren’t in working order were they?

    Why weren’t there any undercover SFPD?

    Why doesn’t SFPD do *anything* regarding MUNI safety?

    The recent fare increase went towards *what?*

    Typical SFMTA incompetence

  • Simon Timony

    This happened on the J outbound one time after it stopped at Mission High. Kids were shoving each other, bumping into people without apology. An older woman called them out and they responded by calling her a bitch. Myself and another guy confronted them, a bunch more showed up trying to play tough guy. Almost came to fistacuffs but someone called the police and they scattered like cockroaches. I work security and technically if anyone lays a finger on you it’s considered assault so feel free to call PD. Punks like that die young anyways.

  • James

    So it seems that SFMTA is willing to spend money to hire personnel for the policing of fares and such but not for the safety of its passengers. Way to go Muni!

  • Matt

    They should just ban these “boys” which I’m sure are very “good boys”. Where are the supposed fare inspectors and SFPD? Nowhere near these troubled lines. And their parent? Well, it’s hard to raise a kid on “No Snitching” vs. being educated who later grow up feeling that they are entitled to things just like they are now! Entitled.

  • Henry Larry

    Absolutely appalling behavior. It is disheartening to see such disregard for others. Kudos to the brave individuals who stood up against these actions.
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