Four Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do on Muni

Photo via Jeremy

There are lots of things you shouldn’t do on Muni, but here are this week’s four offenders:

1. Talk to Siri.
Woman trying to speak into her phone: “San Francisco, California. No. San Fraaaanciscoooo. Cah-lee-for-neeea.” And then, “Aladdin Bail Bonds. No. NO! Ah-lah-ddin. Baaay-oh. Bonds.”

2. Transport fragile stuff.
@tarintowers: Optimism: Buying a brand-new full-length mirror & transporting it on the 43. #sfmuni

3. Makeout on the phone.
@sdqali: SFMTA needs to enforce a rule on how long an over-the-phone kiss can last while riding the Muni.

4. Makeout in person.
@lumenatrix: It’s too damn early to be forced to watch people making out on the bus

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