Ninja salesman delights Muni passengers

Photo by Paul Sullivan

Muni rider Sherlock sent us the following story. And with it, the clock on “random things seen in San Francisco/on Muni” has been reset.

“The other day, I was riding the 28 to the Presidio Parkway when it stopped at the intersection with Marina Bvld [sic] for a red light. During our brief wait before we got on the freeway, a man dressed up as a ninja scrambled onto Presidio Pkwy and started showing brochures for a car wash. Many people opened the bus windows to grab some of them. I just sat there taking in the most random thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

Would you take a brochure from a ninja? I’d be a little scared of what I’d unknowingly have to give up, to be honest. Sneaky ninja!

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