A Spiritual Experience on the 24-Divisadero

Photo by Steve Rhodes

Muni rider Sarabeth has a story for us all.

“Yesterday, I was riding the 24 outbound. There was a guy acting a bit strangely and kind of hum-singing. I didn’t think anything of it. There are always strange people on Muni. (ed. note: sing it, sister!)

“Later, he pulled out 5 or 6 wedges of cheese from the store, still wrapped. He then pulled out a small bottle of what I determined to be holy water and put some on one of the wedges. He then crossed and blessed them, mumbling something about the son and the father and God bless the cheese. He continued to do this to the other wedges and put them and then put them and the water back into his bag.”

Funny: I thought cheese comes pre-blessed. In any case, you go, cheese-blessing dude.

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